Task Force on Emergency Preparedness, Recovery and Resiliency

The Presidential Task Force on Emergency Preparedness, Recovery and Resiliency is a response to recent extreme weather events, natural disasters and the national emergency from the COVID-19 pandemic. These events have heightened the nationís collective awareness of the need for access to energy and the importance of ensuring the continued delivery of essential energy services. The intensified focus on protecting the reliability of our vulnerable energy systems and creating a more resilient infrastructure will enable the nation to better respond to future large-scale and catastrophic events. The task force is comprised of a balanced, diverse group of NARUC members, stakeholders and experts who will consider policy issues facing the regulatory community related to emergency preparedness, recovery and resiliency.

The task force will lead NARUCís efforts in responding to and educating members about existing and emerging issues and opportunities associated with emergency preparedness, recovery and resiliency, including best practices, funding opportunities, resources and collaborative efforts. Considerations for the task force include available federal funding, the meaning of resiliency; the critical connections that exist between regulatory policy and implementation; the relationship between preparedness, response, and resilience; and the future of resiliency as it relates to a diverse and changing energy future.

The task force will include a Special Subcommittee comprised of and chaired by members of the task force to study the COVID-19 pandemic response. Specifically, the Special Subcommittee will gather, examine and analyze regulatory and industry actions, responses and lessons learned from COVID-19.

ďAs state regulators, we are uniquely aware of how these events affect our utilities, which includes electric, gas, water and telecommunications companies,Ē said Presley, a commissioner with the Mississippi Public Service Commission. ďAnything that affects utilities affects the people and businesses in our communities. Establishing this task force and its special subcommittee will enable us to better identify and address a host of relevant issues.Ē

The primary goals of the Task Force on Emergency Preparedness, Recovery and Resiliency are to:

Conduct research and provide ongoing education on federal funding to support recovery; Support NARUC member preparedness in the event of a Black Sky event; Seek to build consensus on construction standards for FEMA reference in recovery; and Provide education on COVID-19 lessons learned and best practices for the path forward. The task force will convene sessions with the NARUC community via conference calls, webinars and at each of NARUCís three annual national meetings, organize educational efforts within NARUC and serve as a resource for the associationís leadership on these programs.

Kimberly A. O'Guinn photo

Kimberly A. O'Guinn
Arkansas Public Service Commission

Nicholas Andersen photo

Nicholas Andersen
Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of Energy

Sharla Artz photo

Sharla Artz
Senior Vice President
Utilities Technology Council

Janet Gail Besser photo

Janet Gail Besser
Managing Director, Regulatory Innovation & Utility Business Models
Smart Electric Power Alliance

Julie I. Brown photo

Julie I. Brown
Florida Public Service Commission

Michael E. Bryson photo

Michael E. Bryson
Senior Vice-President of Operations
PJM Interconnection

Diane X  Burman photo

Diane X Burman
New York State Public Service Commission

Cynthia Chaplin photo

Cynthia Chaplin
Executive Director
Canada's Energy and Utility Regulators

Richard Cimerman photo

Richard Cimerman
VP External/State Affairs

Martha Duggan photo

Martha Duggan
Sr. Director, Reg Affrs
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Gladys Brown Dutrieuille photo

Gladys Brown Dutrieuille
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

James P. Griffin photo

James P. Griffin
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Alex Hofmann photo

Alex Hofmann
Vice President of Engineering Services
American Public Power Association

Anne Hoskins photo

Anne Hoskins
Chief Policy Officer

Charles Kosak photo

Charles Kosak
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Transmission Permitting & Technical Assistance (TPTA)
U.S. Department of Energy

Chris Krebs photo

Chris Krebs
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Daniel Lapato photo

Daniel Lapato
Senior Direct, State Affairs
American Gas Association

Mary D Lasky photo

Mary D Lasky
Secretary and Director
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Daniel Lauf photo

Daniel Lauf
Energy Program Director
National Governors Association

Odogwu Obi Linton Esq. photo

Odogwu Obi Linton Esq.
Maryland Public Service Commission

Lillian Mateo-Santos photo

Lillian Mateo-Santos
Associate Commissioner
Puerto Rico Energy Bureau

Charlotte Mitchell photo

Charlotte Mitchell
North Carolina Utilities Commission

Philip Moeller photo

Philip Moeller
Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Edison Electric Institute

Richard Mroz photo

Richard Mroz
Managing Director
Resolute Strategies

Ellen Nowak photo

Ellen Nowak
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Sadzi M. Oliva photo

Sadzi M. Oliva
Illinois Commerce Commission

Brandon Presley photo

Brandon Presley
Mississippi Public Service Commission

Ann Rendahl photo

Ann Rendahl
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Kyle Rogers photo

Kyle Rogers
Vice President, External Affairs
Spire Alabama

Daniel C. Scripps photo

Daniel C. Scripps
Michigan Public Service Commission

Genevieve Shiroma photo

Genevieve Shiroma
California Public Utilities Commission

Eric F. Skrmetta photo

Eric F. Skrmetta
Louisiana Public Service Commission

Andrew Slater photo

Andrew Slater
Delaware Public Advocate
Delaware Division of the Public Advocate

Kenya Stump photo

Kenya Stump
Assistant Director
Kentucky Public Service Commission

Rob Thormeyer photo

Rob Thormeyer
Senior Director, Communications & Advocacy
Utilities Technology Council

Justin T. Williams photo

Justin T. Williams
South Carolina Public Service Commission

William Yates photo

William Yates
President & CEO
Yates Construction