Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance

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2023 NARUC's Staff Subcommittee on Accounting and Finance Spring Conference

Lucretia Smith photo


Lucretia Smith
Senior Utility Analyst
Maine Public Utilities Commission     

Jorge Alonso photo


Jorge Alonso
Financial Analysis Supervisor
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Sulaiman Bakare photo


Sulaiman Bakare
Lead Staff
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority     

Gerald Becker photo


Gerald Becker
Chief of Revenue
Arizona Corporation Commission     

Michelle Bohanan photo


Michelle Bohanan
Rate Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Nathan Brennan photo


Nathan Brennan
Rate Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Kathy Butzlaff photo


Kathy Butzlaff
Public Utility Auditor – Principal
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Tanya Capellan photo


Tanya Capellan
Director, Office of Retail Market Development
Illinois Commerce Commission     

Terri Carlock photo


Terri Carlock
Utilities Division Administrator, Electricity and Economics
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Melissa Cheesman photo


Melissa Cheesman
Assistant Policy Director
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission     

Donn English photo


Donn English
Manager - Acct. & Finance
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Justin Grady photo


Justin Grady
Chief of Accounting and Financial Analysis
Kansas Corporation Commission     

Karl Kunzie photo


Karl Kunzie
Rate/Financial Analyst
Colorado Public Utilities Commission     

Erin Laudenslager photo


Erin Laudenslager
Fixed Utility Manager, Finance
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

Chris Lewis photo


Chris Lewis
Assistant Director of the Natural Gas Division
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Ashley Marcus photo


Ashley Marcus
Financial Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Gillian Marime photo


Gillian Marime
Senior Accountant
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Clishona Marshall photo


Clishona Marshall
Public Utility Analyst
Delaware Public Service Commission     

Amanda McMellen photo


Amanda McMellen
Utility Regulatory Audit Unit Supervisor
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Brittany Mehlhaff photo


Brittany Mehlhaff
Utility Analyst
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission     

Dolores Midkiff-Powell photo


Dolores Midkiff-Powell
Mgr, Energy Cost Recovery Reconciliation Section
Michigan Public Service Commission     

Kelly Monaghan photo


Kelly Monaghan
Director, Bureau of Audits
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

Karen J. Moran photo


Karen J. Moran
Audit Director
New Hampshire Department of Energy     

Matthew J. Muldoon photo


Matthew J. Muldoon
Mgr. Rates, Finance, and Audit
Oregon Public Utility Commission     

Brandi Myrick photo


Brandi Myrick
Director of Electric, Gas & Comm.
Mississippi Public Utilities Staff    

Alan Nault photo


Alan Nault
Chief Public Utilities Accountant
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission     

Marci Norby photo


Marci Norby
Executive Director
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Felix Otiji photo


Felix Otiji
Chief, Finance and Accounting, Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Kimberly Pate photo


Kimberly Pate
Director, Accounting and Finance
Virginia State Corporation Commission     

John Powers CPA photo


John Powers CPA
Accounting Fiscal Manager II
South Carolina Public Service Commission     

Emily Qingshe photo


Emily Qingshe
Audit Manager
Tennessee Public Utility Commission     

Middleton Ray photo


Middleton Ray
Manager of Audits
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Jacqueline Lake Roberts photo


Jacqueline Lake Roberts
Dir, Cons Advocate of WV
West Virginia Consumer Advocate    

Geoffrey Rush photo


Geoffrey Rush
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Kerrilyn Russ photo


Kerrilyn Russ
Regulatory Law Attorney
Iowa Utilities Board     

Timour Skrynnikov photo


Timour Skrynnikov
Financial Analyst
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Patrick Steffensen photo


Patrick Steffensen
Utility Analyst
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission     

Doris Stout photo


Doris Stout
Director, Off of Accounting
New York State Public Service Commission     

Craig Taborsky photo


Craig Taborsky
Renewable Energy Engineer
Maryland Public Service Commission     

Tamara Turkenton photo


Tamara Turkenton
Director of Rates and Analysis
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio     

Godwin Ubani photo


Godwin Ubani
Financial Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Mary Whitaker photo


Mary Whitaker
Financial Analyst
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

James Surbutlie Worlobah photo


James Surbutlie Worlobah
Financial Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Nick Gumer photo


Nick Gumer
Director, Regulatory Finan
DC Office of the People's Counsel     

Paul Schulz photo


Paul Schulz
Utility Analyst
Montana Consumer Counsel     

Margaret Stull photo


Margaret Stull
Chief technical Advisor, Water and Wastewater Division
Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor