Staff Subcommittee on Consumers and the Public Interest

Cynthia Muir photo


Cynthia Muir
Director, CAO
Florida Public Service Commission

Phil Boyle photo


Phil Boyle
(Vice Chair)
Consumer Svc Mgr
Oregon Public Utility Commission


Jim Agnew photo


Jim Agnew
Director, Consumer Services Division
Illinois Commerce Commission

Beverly Barker photo


Beverly Barker
Dir, Consumer Assistance
Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Autumn Barnett photo


Autumn Barnett
Director, Consumer Affairs
Vermont Department of Public Service

Alexis Bechtel photo


Alexis Bechtel
Bureau Director
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Jesse Borjon photo


Jesse Borjon

Barb Bossart photo


Barb Bossart
Chief, Reliability and Service Analysis
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Lori Brand photo


Lori Brand
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Lisa Cooper photo


Lisa Cooper
Chief, Consumer Services Division
Tennessee Public Utility Commission

Michael Corso photo


Michael Corso
Chief Consumer Advocate
New York State Public Service Commission

Anne Armstrong Cusack photo


Anne Armstrong Cusack
Director, Customer Service Division
Michigan Public Service Commission

Derek D. Davidson photo


Derek D. Davidson
Maine Public Utilities Commission

Beverlee S. DeMello photo


Beverlee S. DeMello
Assistant Director
Florida Public Service Commission

Bill Edge photo


Bill Edge
Public Information Officer

Phil Enis photo


Phil Enis
Program Manager
California Public Utilities Commission

Bridgit Feeser photo


Bridgit Feeser
Assistant Director, Consumer Protection Division
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Gay Fred photo


Gay Fred
Utility Regulatory Manager, Consumer Services Unit - Retired

Deb Gregg photo


Deb Gregg
Consumer Affairs Manager
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Samantha Hemphill photo


Samantha Hemphill
Press Information Officer
Delaware Public Service Commission

Adrian Hernandez photo


Adrian Hernandez
Rates Department Analyst

Debra A. Howland photo


Debra A. Howland
Executive Director
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

Kevin T. Kelly photo


Kevin T. Kelly
Public Information Administrator, Regulatory Policy & Public Information Department

Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D. photo


Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D.
Principal, Telcom
National Regulatory Research Institute

Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D. photo


Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D.
Principal, Telcom
National Regulatory Research Institute

Janice Lisko photo


Janice Lisko
Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Debra Lowe photo


Debra Lowe

Kenya McMillin photo


Kenya McMillin
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Andrew O. Melnykovych photo


Andrew O. Melnykovych
Staff Assistant, Public Affairs
Kentucky Public Service Commission

Margaret Moskowitz photo


Margaret Moskowitz
Consumer Specialist
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Sandra Navarrete photo


Sandra Navarrete
Regulation Department Analyst

Yvonne Nicholson photo


Yvonne Nicholson
Director - Consumer and Public Affairs
Jamaica Office of Utilities Regulation

Kristy Nieto photo


Kristy Nieto
Assistant Administrator, Division of Water, Telecommunications and Consumer Affairs
Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Amanda Noonan photo


Amanda Noonan
Director, Consumer Affairs
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

James Porter photo


James Porter
Director, Public Advocacy Division
Vermont Department of Public Service

Mike Renfro photo


Mike Renfro
Public Utility Commission of Texas

Bradley Rose photo


Bradley Rose
Wisconsin Public Service Commission

Grace Salazar photo


Grace Salazar
Chief, Consumer Protection and Information
Regulatory Commission of Alaska

Chris Sewell photo


Chris Sewell

April Sharpe photo


April Sharpe
Consumer Services Program Manager
South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff

Scott Sheldon photo


Scott Sheldon
Consumer Affairs/Public Outreach
North Dakota Public Service Commission

Tina Shorten photo


Tina Shorten
Mgr. Consumer Assistance
Montana Public Service Commission

Tracy Smetana photo


Tracy Smetana
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Maurice Smith photo


Maurice Smith
Director/Consumer Services
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Aquilla Spivey photo


Aquilla Spivey
Consumer Services Manager
Alabama Public Service Commission

Nancy Stevens photo


Nancy Stevens
Director, Consumer Division
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Donald Tormey photo


Donald Tormey
Director of Communications
Iowa Utilities Board

Rosemary Tutt photo


Rosemary Tutt
Manager, Consumer Services
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

Susan Watkins photo


Susan Watkins
Chief Operating Officer
Mississippi Public Service Commission

Jane Whetstone photo


Jane Whetstone
Manager, Customer Service

Claudette Willingham photo


Claudette Willingham
Consumer Affairs Manager

Erica Wilson photo


Erica Wilson
Consumer Affairs Administrative Assistant
Georgia Public Service Commission

April Woods photo


April Woods
Consumer Affairs Supervisor
Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Erica Ziegler photo


Erica Ziegler
Consumer Services Manager
Missouri Public Service Commission

Sandra Mattavous-Frye photo


Sandra Mattavous-Frye
People's Counsel
DC Office of the People's Counsel

Karen Sistrunk photo


Karen Sistrunk
Deputy People's Counsel
DC Office of the People's Counsel

Jim Williams photo


Jim Williams
Research Analyst
Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel