Staff Subcommittee on Electricity

Heather Fennell photo


Heather Fennell
Deputy General Counsel
North Carolina Utilities Commission     

Melanie Bachman photo


Melanie Bachman
Executive Director
Connecticut Siting Council     

Tanner Blair photo


Tanner Blair
Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Bradley Borum photo


Bradley Borum
Director of Research, Policy, and Planning
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Regina Butler photo


Regina Butler
Director, Electric Utilities
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Tanya Capellan photo


Tanya Capellan
Director, Office of Retail Market Development
Illinois Commerce Commission     

William H. Chambliss photo


William H. Chambliss
General Counsel
Virginia State Corporation Commission     

Jason Chaplin photo


Jason Chaplin
Programs Manager VI
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Benjamin Crawford photo


Benjamin Crawford
Government Analyst
Florida Public Service Commission     

Anne-Marie Cuneo photo


Anne-Marie Cuneo
Director of Regulatory Operations
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada     

Joe DeLosa photo


Joe DeLosa
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities     

Christine Ericson photo


Christine Ericson
Federal Energy Counsel
Illinois Commerce Commission     

David Foster photo


David Foster
Director, Utilities Division
Tennessee Public Utility Commission     

John Free photo


John Free
Director, Electricity Policy
Alabama Public Service Commission     

Darren D. Gill photo


Darren D. Gill
Deputy Director, Energy, Bureau of Technical Utility Services
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

Jennifer Harrod photo


Jennifer Harrod
Senior Staff Attorney
North Carolina Utilities Commission     

Jennifer Ann Heaton-Amrhein photo


Jennifer Ann Heaton-Amrhein
Administrative Policy Advisor
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Cynthia Holland photo


Cynthia Holland
Director, Office of Federal & Regional Policy
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities     

Wesley Hunt photo


Wesley Hunt
Managing Attorney, Commissioners' Staff
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Faith Huntington photo


Faith Huntington
Maine Public Utilities Commission     

Samantha Kayne photo


Samantha Kayne
Public Utility Analyst

Darren Kearney photo


Darren Kearney
Utility Analyst
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission     

Jeffrey A. Keevil photo


Jeffrey A. Keevil
Deputy Counsel, Satff Counsel Division
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Lisa M. Kindschy photo


Lisa M. Kindschy
Act 304 & Sales Forecasting Section
Michigan Public Service Commission     

Kelli Kolkman photo


Kelli Kolkman
Technical Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Jake Marren photo


Jake Marren
Staff Attorney
Vermont Public Utility Commission     

Chad Mason photo


Chad Mason
Alabama Public Service Commission     

Mike Mendelsohn photo


Mike Mendelsohn
Commission Advisor
Colorado Public Utilities Commission     

Stephen A. Mormann photo


Stephen A. Mormann
Director, Office of Technical & Regulatory Analysis
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Brandi Myrick photo


Brandi Myrick
Director of Electric, Gas & Comm.
Mississippi Public Utilities Staff     

Austin Northagen photo


Austin Northagen
Clean Energy Innovator Fellow
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Steve M. Olea photo


Steve M. Olea
Special Advisor to the Commission
Arizona Corporation Commission     

Thomas Olmstead photo


Thomas Olmstead
Senior Environmental Economist
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Patricia Poli photo


Patricia Poli
Director, Energy Operations Division
Michigan Public Service Commission     

Vijay Puran photo


Vijay Puran
Utility Engineer 3
New York State Public Service Commission     

Will Rosquist photo


Will Rosquist
Administrator, Regulatory Division
Montana Public Service Commission     

Sarah Ross photo


Sarah Ross
Aide to Commissioners
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio     

Matt Roussy photo


Matt Roussy
Hearing Examiner
Virginia State Corporation Commission     

Timothy Texel Esq. photo


Timothy Texel Esq.
Executive Director and General Counsel
Nebraska Power Review Board     

Jon Thurber photo


Jon Thurber
Utility Analyst
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission     

Tamara Turkenton photo


Tamara Turkenton
Director of Rates and Analysis
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio     

Christina Walsh Lepage photo


Christina Walsh Lepage
Connecticut Siting Council     

Felicia West photo


Felicia West
Legal Advisor & Confidential Assistant
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission     

Kevin Yearington photo


Kevin Yearington
Manager, Safety & Engineering
Iowa Utilities Board     

Johanna Zetterberg photo


Johanna Zetterberg
Senior Advisor
U.S. Department of Energy     

Sergio Alejandro Peraza photo


Sergio Alejandro Peraza
Director of Electricity and Renewable Energy
Mexico CRE