Staff Subcommittee on Executive Management

The Staff Subcommittee on Executive Management (SSEM) has as its purpose to provide a forum for commission staff functions - e.g. fiscal, human resources, management information systems, legal, hearing judges, investigation, enforcement, legislative functions, communications, etc. to interact with colleagues and promote the exchange of ideas and the discussion of mutual issues.

Members of the SSEM are generally utility commission Executive Directors or Chiefs of Staff; however, attendance at these meetings is open to all commission personnel who have an interest coinciding with the SSEM purpose and/or topics on the agenda.

Rajnish Barua photo

Rajnish Barua
Executive Director
Delaware Public Service Commission

Stephanie Mullen photo

Stephanie Mullen
Executive Director
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Veronica Ahern photo

Veronica Ahern
Executive Director
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Jamie Birch photo

Jamie Birch
Legislative Director
Missouri Public Service Commission

Jocelyn G. Boyd photo

Jocelyn G. Boyd
Chief Clerk/Executive Director
South Carolina Public Service Commission

Ryan Brown photo

Ryan Brown
Deputy Commissioner
Mississippi Public Service Commission

Kim S Burton photo

Kim S Burton
Policy and Legal Advisor to Chairman Ryan A. Silvey
Missouri Public Service Commission

Michael Byrne photo

Michael Byrne
Chief Operating Officer
Michigan Public Service Commission

Kent Chandler photo

Kent Chandler
Kentucky Public Service Commission

Joan Conrad photo

Joan Conrad
Executive Director
Iowa Utilities Board

Doug Dean photo

Doug Dean
Colorado Public Utilities Commission

Donald Duvall photo

Donald Duvall
Director of the Office of Administration
New York State Public Service Commission

Ingrid Ferrell photo

Ingrid Ferrell
Executive Secretary
Public Service Commission of West Virginia

Deborah Flannagan photo

Deborah Flannagan
Executive Director
Georgia Public Service Commission

Donna Gray photo

Donna Gray
Executive Director
Arkansas Public Service Commission

Angela Hawkins photo

Angela Hawkins
Director, Legal
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Debra A. Howland photo

Debra A. Howland
Executive Director
New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

Thomas Kaczmarek photo

Thomas Kaczmarek
Advisor to the Executive Deputy
New York State Public Service Commission

Cindy Kemnitz photo

Cindy Kemnitz
Finance Manager
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Harry Lanphear III photo

Harry Lanphear III
Administrative Director
Maine Public Utilities Commission

Seth A. Mendelsohn photo

Seth A. Mendelsohn
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

Leah Mohr photo

Leah Mohr
Deputy Executive Director
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Samuel A. (Sam) Nixon Jr. photo

Samuel A. (Sam) Nixon Jr.
Chief Administrative Officer
Virginia State Corporation Commission

Marci Norby photo

Marci Norby
Agency Administrator
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Carrie E. Templeton photo

Carrie E. Templeton
Chief of Staff
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Barbara Tomlinson photo

Barbara Tomlinson
Executive Assistant
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Patricia Van Gerpen photo

Patricia Van Gerpen
Executive Director
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

Robert Veneck photo

Robert Veneck
Technical Operations
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Ann Wilde photo

Ann Wilde
Commission Section Manager

Loyd Wilson photo

Loyd Wilson
Director, Administration
Missouri Public Service Commission

Brandy Wreath photo

Brandy Wreath
Director, Public Utility Division and Consumer Services Division
Oklahoma Corporation Commission