Staff Subcommittee on International Relations

As new regulatory challenges arise both domestically and internationally, it is important to share information and learn from the experiences of others.

The Staff Subcommittee on International Relations helps to facilitate such sharing by seeking out ways to inform the domestic regulatory community about international utility and regulatory processes, methods, and viewpoints.

We also seek ways to communicate to our international colleagues lessons learned from current and historic American regulatory practices and issues. Additionally, we seek out opportunities to partner with other entities that have an interest in international utility or regulatory matters.

Bradley Cebulko photo


Bradley Cebulko
Senior Policy Advisor
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Elijah Abinah photo


Elijah Abinah
Utilities Division Director
Arizona Corporation Commission

Jorge Alonso photo


Jorge Alonso
Financial Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Melanie Bachman photo


Melanie Bachman
Executive Director
Connecticut Siting Council

Rajnish Barua photo


Rajnish Barua
Executive Director
Delaware Public Service Commission

Peter Black photo


Peter Black
Secretary to The Office
Jamaica Office of Utilities Regulation

Barbara Bossart photo


Barbara Bossart
Cheif, Reliability and Service Analysis Division
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Jocelyn G. Boyd photo


Jocelyn G. Boyd
Chief Clerk/Executive Director
South Carolina Public Service Commission

Nikki Brown-Huss photo


Nikki Brown-Huss
Public Utility Rate Analyst
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Kim S Burton photo


Kim S Burton
Policy and Legal Advisor to Chairman Ryan A. Silvey
Missouri Public Service Commission

Tad Campbell photo


Tad Campbell
General Counsel
Mississippi Public Utilities Staff

Cathy Cole photo


Cathy Cole
Directory, Strategic Operations Division
Michigan Public Service Commission

Benjamin Crawford photo


Benjamin Crawford
Government Analyst
Florida Public Service Commission

Joseph Fallah photo


Joseph Fallah
Policy Advisor to Commissioner Kimbrel
Illinois Commerce Commission

Erin Ford Faulhaber photo


Erin Ford Faulhaber
Policy Advisor to Commissioner Dunn
Arizona Corporation Commission

Endrea Frazier photo


Endrea Frazier
Policy Advisor to Commissioner Gillis
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Kenneth Glick photo


Kenneth Glick
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Jennifer Heintz photo


Jennifer Heintz
Chief Litigation Attorney
Missouri Public Service Commission

Michael Kaluzniak photo


Michael Kaluzniak
Energy Facility Planner
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Sam IV Mabry photo


Sam IV Mabry
Senior Attorney
Mississippi Public Utilities Staff

Jamie Myers photo


Jamie Myers
Legal Counsel
Missouri Public Service Commission

Travis Pringle photo


Travis Pringle
Legal Counsel
Missouri Public Service Commission

Tetyana Rabczak photo


Tetyana Rabczak
Legal & Policy Advisor to Chairman C. Zalewski
Illinois Commerce Commission

Andreas D. Thanos photo


Andreas D. Thanos
Gas Policy Specialist
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Alex Washington photo


Alex Washington
Chief Policy Advisor for Commissioner Brown
Mississippi Public Service Commission

Jackie Ashley photo


Jackie Ashley
Senior Regulatory Analyst
British Columbia Utilities Commission

Naunihal Gumer photo


Naunihal Gumer
Director, Regulatory Finan
DC Office of the People's Counsel