Staff Subcommittee on Pipeline Safety

Kari French photo


Kari French
Assistant Executive Director, OSD Division Director
Railroad Commission of Texas     

Kevin Speicher photo


Kevin Speicher
(Vice Chair)
Chief of Pipeline Safety
New York State Public Service Commission     

Jason Bonnett photo


Jason Bonnett
Public Utilities Rates Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

John Burbridge photo


John Burbridge
Secretary and Chief Counsel
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

David Chislea photo


David Chislea
Manager, Gas Operations Section
Michigan Public Service Commission     

John Clementson photo


John Clementson
Deputy Chief Engineer
Maryland Public Service Commission     

Richard Enright photo


Richard Enright
Director, Pipeline Safety Division
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities     

Miranda Erich photo


Miranda Erich
Pipeline Safety Director
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Wayne Ericksen photo


Wayne Ericksen
Delaware Public Service Commission     

Robert Fadley photo


Robert Fadley
Director, Service Monitoring and Enforcement
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio     

Dennis Fothergill photo


Dennis Fothergill
Transportation/Pipeline Safety Regulatory Program Manager
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Robert Graves photo


Robert Graves
Chief, Bureau of Safety, Division of Engineering
Florida Public Service Commission     

Kevin Hennessy photo


Kevin Hennessy
Chief, Pipeline Safety
Oregon Public Utility Commission     

Rocky Hickman photo


Rocky Hickman
Pipeline Safety Program Manager
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Jeff Hilton photo


Jeff Hilton
Director of Gas and Water Utilities Section
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Alex Kirschling photo


Alex Kirschling
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Paul Maguire photo


Paul Maguire
Manager Engineering
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada     

Perry McCollom photo


Perry McCollom
Supervisor, Engineer Section
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Kathleen McNelis photo


Kathleen McNelis
Utility Regulatory Engineering Manager
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Nichole Mulcahy photo


Nichole Mulcahy
Director and Legal Counsel, Natural Gas & Pipeline Department
Nebraska Public Service Commission     

Michael Nantz photo


Michael Nantz
Utility Inspector IV
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

William F. O'Brien photo


William F. O'Brien
Deputy Attorney General

Udeozo Ogbue photo


Udeozo Ogbue
Chief, Office of Compliance and Enforcement
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

John Park photo


John Park
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

Dave Piroutek photo


Dave Piroutek
Chief Engineer
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Brady Sargent photo


Brady Sargent
Pipeline Regulatory Inspector
Arizona Corporation Commission     

Angela Sartori photo


Angela Sartori
Director of Pipeline Safety
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Michelle Thebert photo


Michelle Thebert
Director of Pipeline Safety and Damage Prevention
Georgia Public Service Commission     

Evan Winsberg photo


Evan Winsberg
Pipeline Safety Inspector and Engineer

Stephen P. Wood photo


Stephen P. Wood
Gas Pipeline Safety Inspector
North Carolina Utilities Commission     

Mary Zanter photo


Mary Zanter
Pipeline Safety Program Manager and Utility Analyst
South Dakota Public Utilities Commission