Staff Subcommittee on State Universal Service Fund Administrators

Chris Bertus photo


Chris Bertus
Senior Regulatory Analyst
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Laura Faricy Fay photo


Laura Faricy Fay
Program & Policy Supervisor
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Steve Garrett photo


Steve Garrett
Sr. Telecommunications Analyst
Kansas Corporation Commission     

Sally Getz photo


Sally Getz
Principal Utility Analyst
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Johan E. Kalala-Kasanda photo


Johan E. Kalala-Kasanda
Utilities Analyst
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Farzad Khalili photo


Farzad Khalili
PUD Chief
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Melisa Mizel photo


Melisa Mizel
Technical Supervisor
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Nathan Petrisin photo


Nathan Petrisin
WUSF Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Kris Prouty photo


Kris Prouty
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Liz Stefanski photo


Liz Stefanski
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

Jim Stevens photo


Jim Stevens
Financial Analyst
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

Lara Walt photo


Lara Walt
Sr. Attorney Advisor
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D. photo


Sherry Lichtenberg Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Policy, and Director, RTI
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners