Staff Subcommittee on Water

Krystle Sacavage photo


Krystle Sacavage
Counsel to Commissioner Yanora
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

Patti Lucarelli photo


Patti Lucarelli
(Vice Chair)
Chief Legal Administrator
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission     

David Acord photo


David Acord
Director, Water and Wastewater Division
Public Service Commission of West Virginia     

Robert Booth photo


Robert Booth
Rate Case Analyst – Gas & Water Section
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

John Borgmeyer photo


John Borgmeyer
Litigation Attorney
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Nathan Brennan photo


Nathan Brennan
Rate Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Holly Burton-Aro photo


Holly Burton-Aro
Technical Advisor
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Jim Busch photo


Jim Busch
Director, Industrial Analysis Division
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Penny Buys photo


Penny Buys
Florida Public Service Commission     

Patrick W. Carr photo


Patrick W. Carr
Deputy Director, Utility Accounting and Finance
Virginia State Corporation Commission     

Islah Causey photo


Islah Causey
Public Utility Analyst
Delaware Public Service Commission     

Blessing Chukwu photo


Blessing Chukwu
Chief of Compliance & Consumer Services
Arizona Corporation Commission     

Bryan Conway photo


Bryan Conway
Admin., Telecom & Water Div.
Oregon Public Utility Commission     

Sean Donnelly P.E. photo


Sean Donnelly P.E.
Water/Wastewater Supervisor
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

David Foster photo


David Foster
Director, Utilities Division
Tennessee Public Utility Commission     

Curt Gassert photo


Curt Gassert
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Stephen Goodson photo


Stephen Goodson
Policy Advisor
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

John R. Hammond Jr. photo


John R. Hammond Jr.
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Freda Hilburn photo


Freda Hilburn
Financial Analyst - Operations: Water, Sewer & Transportation
North Carolina Utilities Commission     

Mark Johnson photo


Mark Johnson
Policy Advisor and Legal Counsel to Commissioner Glen Kolkmeyer
Missouri Public Service Commission     

Kathryn Kline photo


Kathryn Kline
Technical Advisor, Center for Partnerships & Innovation
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners     

Brittany Koenig photo


Brittany Koenig
Staff Attorney III
Kentucky Public Service Commission     

Donald Lomoljo photo


Donald Lomoljo
Staff Counsel
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada     

Luy Luong photo


Luy Luong
Rate Analyst
Wyoming Public Service Commission     

Cathy Pedemonti photo


Cathy Pedemonti
Utilities Examiner
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority     

R.J. Pire photo


R.J. Pire
Administrative Policy Adviser
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Zachary Quintero photo


Zachary Quintero
Regulatory Analyst
Oklahoma Corporation Commission     

Dustin Rhodes photo


Dustin Rhodes
Utilities Engineer
North Carolina Utilities Commission     

Shaun Sparks photo


Shaun Sparks
Legal Counsel, Comm. Yanora's Office
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission     

Stephen St. Marie photo


Stephen St. Marie
Sr Regulatory Analyst
California Public Utilities Commission*     

John Stevens photo


John Stevens
Associate Deputy Director, Division of Public Utility Regulation
Virginia State Corporation Commission     

Cynthia Turiczek photo


Cynthia Turiczek
Water Engineer
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada     

Amy Willey photo


Amy Willey
Public Utility Analyst

Michael Young photo


Michael Young
Section Manager, Water&Trans
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission*     

Kyle Kern photo


Kyle Kern
Assistant Consumers' Counsel
Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel