Staff Subcommittee on Education and Research

Donn English photo


Donn English
Manager - Acct. & Finance
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Lynn Page photo


Lynn Page
(Vice Chair)
HR Director
Georgia Public Service Commission     

Lauren Bethke photo


Lauren Bethke
Regulatory Coordinator
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Malika Davis photo


Malika Davis
Deputy Director
Delaware Public Service Commission     

Michelle Funk photo


Michelle Funk
Principal Utility Analyst
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Patti Lucarelli photo


Patti Lucarelli
Chief Legal Administrator
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission     

Cicily A McGee photo


Cicily A McGee
Research and Policy Analyst
Arkansas Public Service Commission     

Sarah Mullkoff photo


Sarah Mullkoff
Executive Advisor
Michigan Public Service Commission     

Kara Pennoyer photo


Kara Pennoyer
Chief of Staff
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin     

Jill Rusnak photo


Jill Rusnak
Research Section Manager
Michigan Public Service Commission