Staff Subcommittee on Education and Research

Raj Barua photo


Raj Barua
Chief, Policy & Development
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia     

Cathy Pedemonti photo


Cathy Pedemonti
(Vice Chair)
Utilities Examiner
Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority     

Donn English photo


Donn English
Manager - Accounting and Finance and Technical Analysis and Energy Efficiency
Idaho Public Utilities Commission     

Michelle Funk photo


Michelle Funk
Senior Utility Analyst
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission     

Janet Gonzalez photo


Janet Gonzalez
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Patti Lucarelli photo


Patti Lucarelli
Chief Legal Administrator
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission     

Kelly Martone photo


Kelly Martone
Economic Analyst
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission     

Travis Pringle photo


Travis Pringle
Legal Counsel
Missouri Public Service Commission