Staff Subcommittee on Rate Design

Jamie Barber photo

Jamie Barber
Energy Efficiency Manager
Georgia Public Service Commission

Andrew Bahn photo

Andrew Bahn
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Todd Bianco photo

Todd Bianco
Principal Policy Associate
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

Daniel Blair photo

Daniel Blair

Tanner Blair photo

Tanner Blair
Rates and Policy Analyst
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Lori Brand photo

Lori Brand
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Daney Brauchie photo

Daney Brauchie
Rate Engineer
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Thomas M. Broderick photo

Thomas M. Broderick
Dir, Rates & Reg
Arizona Corporation Commission

Venkata Bujimalla photo

Venkata Bujimalla
Deputy General Counsel
Iowa Utilities Board

Jim Busch photo

Jim Busch
Utility Regulatory Manager, Water & Sewer Unit
Missouri Public Service Commission

Kim Cox photo

Kim Cox
Utility Policy Analyst
Missouri Public Service Commission

Anne-Marie Cuneo photo

Anne-Marie Cuneo
Director of Regulatory Operations
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Kaeci Daniels photo

Kaeci Daniels
Wyoming Public Service Commission

Natelle Dietrich photo

Natelle Dietrich
Commission Staff Director
Missouri Public Service Commission

Patrick Donlon photo

Patrick Donlon
Director of Rates & Analysis

Catherine Eastwood photo

Catherine Eastwood
Financial Analyst - Operations: Electric & Telecommunications
North Carolina Utilities Commission

Brian Edmonds photo

Brian Edmonds
Policy Advisor
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Brian O. Edwards photo

Brian O. Edwards

Christine Ericson photo

Christine Ericson
Special Assistant Attorney General
Illinois Commerce Commission

David F. Gillich photo

David F. Gillich
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection     

Matt Hartigan photo

Matt Hartigan
Deputy Director
Delaware Public Service Commission

Jennifer Hoss photo

Jennifer Hoss
Director, Rates & Demand Resources
Arkansas Public Service Commission

Grace Hu Ph.D. photo

Grace Hu Ph.D.
Chief Economist
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Sarah Jankowski photo

Sarah Jankowski
Kentucky Public Service Commission

Erin Kempster photo

Erin Kempster
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Jon Kucskar photo

Jon Kucskar
Senior Commission Advisor
Maryland Public Service Commission

Emily Luksha photo

Emily Luksha
Director, Rates Division
Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Alan Nault photo

Alan Nault
Public Utilities Analyst
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

David C. Parsons photo

David C. Parsons
Chief of Policy and Research
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission

Paul Phillips photo

Paul Phillips
Energy Advisor
California Public Utilities Commission

Liliya Randt photo

Liliya Randt
Utility Engineer, Electric Rates & Tariffs
New York State Public Service Commission

Nicholas Revere photo

Nicholas Revere
Michigan Public Service Commission

Will Rosquist photo

Will Rosquist
Administrator, Regulatory Division
Montana Public Service Commission

Sam Shannon photo

Sam Shannon
Rate Analyst
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Stephen St. Marie Ph.D. photo

Stephen St. Marie Ph.D.
Sr Regulatory Analyst
California Public Utilities Commission

Thomas Stanton photo

Thomas Stanton
Principal - Energy & Envt
National Regulatory Research Institute

Isaac Stroup photo

Isaac Stroup
Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Neil Templeton photo

Neil Templeton
Rate Analyst
Montana Public Service Commission

Dale Thomas photo

Dale Thomas
Chief Technical Advisor, Energy Division
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Tamara Turkenton photo

Tamara Turkenton
Chief, Rates and Analysis
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Cynthia Wilson-Frias photo

Cynthia Wilson-Frias
Deputy Chief of Legal Services
Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

Rachel Goldwasser photo

Rachel Goldwasser
Executive Director
New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners, Inc.

Kerry L Worthington photo

Kerry L Worthington
(Staff Coordinator)
Senior Manager
National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners