The Intersection of Decarbonization Policy Goals and Resource Adequacy Needs: A California Case Study

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 (2pm - 3:30pm US/Eastern)
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Public utility commissions are often charged with implementing state renewable portfolio standards and administering compliance over the utilities they regulate. Commissions are also often responsible for ensuring that utilities follow integrated resource plans and provide sufficient energy supply to reliably meet demand, generally by procuring enough capacity to meet an established level of resource adequacy. In California, the lack of alignment of these objectives collided in August 2020 during a regional heat wave when the state’s electric system lacked sufficient resources to maintain reliable operation. This resulted in 1,000 MW of controlled load shed (through rotating utility outages) for 80 minutes, with hundreds of thousands of customers temporarily losing power. Unusually extreme weather conditions across an exceptionally broad geographic area, high demand, unexpected drops in wind and solar output, limited hydroelectric conditions, reduced imports, and a series of unscheduled outages were among the contributing factors. This webinar will examine the evolution of the resource adequacy paradigm during 20 years of ambitious decarbonization goals in California. Panelists will also discuss lessons learned from the August events and explore how decarbonization and reliability policy goals can be achieved through enhanced analysis and planning practices that better recognizes the evolving resource adequacy needs of an increasingly variable system.

Moderator: Elliott J. Nethercutt – Principal Researcher | NRRI
Karl Meeusen – Senior Advisor, Infrastructure and Regulatory Policy | California ISO
Arthur Haubenstock – Senior Fellow | Gridworks
John Moura – Director, Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis | NERC

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