NRRI RTI - An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Regulation

Thursday, September 17 (3pm) - Thursday, November 5, 2020 (4pm US/Eastern)
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This eight part course will provide attendees with an introduction to and understanding of the rationale and methods by which regulatory decisions are made.

Recordings will be posted to NRRI’s YouTube channel within a few days of each class session.

1. Why Regulate? Carl Pechman, Ph.D., Director, NRRI – September 17

2. Public Utility and Just and Reasonable Rates Prof. William Boyd, UCLA School of Law – September 24

3. Products of Regulation Hon. Willie Phillips, Chair, Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia – October 1

4. Process of Regulation Hon. Diane Munns, former Commissioner Iowa Utilities Board – October 8

5. Jurisdictional Issues of Regulation Hon. Suedeen Kelly, former FERC Commissioner and former Chair of the New Mexico Public Service Commission – October 15

6. Utility Business Models Peter Fox-Penner, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy – October 22

7. The Coming Utility Transition Hon. Susan Tierney, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, The Analysis Group – October 29

8. What it's like to be a Regulator Hon. Susan Tierney, Hon. David Danner, WUTC, Hon. Diane Munns, Carl Pechman – November 5

NRRI's Regulatory Training Initiative (RTI) provides comprehensive training to the regulatory community. The curriculum will expand to include more detailed topics in regulation, such as accounting, finance, and rate design, as well as training in emerging issues and policies including new methods for evaluating energy efficiency programs and alternative methods for pricing distributed energy.

REGISTRATION: The initial course is open to all members of the regulatory community at no charge. All classes will be offered from 3:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern. Your registration will give you access to all the classes in this course. You will receive log in information for each class prior to the start date.

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